Travel To Sri Lanka – Every Travelers Dream

Aerial of seaside fishermen village in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka – a country that many tend to call the pearl of the Indian Ocean. One of the most beautiful countries in Asia that is incredibly diverse. Despite the country’s small size, the diversity of nature is impressive here. From untouched palm beaches to vast tea plantations in the hills. Travel to Sri Lanka could be your dream too if it is – read on!

It is very interesting that, in the local language, Sri Lanka means the land of happiness, it could indeed describe the island. A beautiful country with the best and most friendly people, anyone with the greatest pleasure will be willing to help.

It may not be so popular among tourists and it is not yet damaged by tourists – a country capable of preserving their cultural heritage and showing it to others. On this little island, there is so much to see and do, making it an ideal country for traveling. Centuries-old temples, surprisingly glamorous views of nature, tea plantations, waterfalls and so much more.

Things You Should Know

  1. The humidity in Sri Lanka is very high. This means air temperatures will be a lot higher by the feelings than they are in reality.  It is better to start planning your trips early in the morning.
  2. Transport in Sri Lanka is quite limited, so you can choose public transport, a train or bus that is cheap but slow and not so convenient. The most popular and convenient way to move around Sri Lanka is to rent a private car with a driver. The most efficient and typical transport in Sri Lanka is Tuk-tuk, the speed is not high, they will not travel long distances, but it is a transport that is perfect for urban distances.  Usually, drivers are happy to take everyone and recommend other better places to see. The only problem – you need to talk about driving charges before boarding.
  3. Curry with rice is the main food for locals. In Sri Lanka, you can find a lot and a variety of rice, as well as curry. But you must remember that curry tends to be very spicy. Because locals may have a very different sense of food, the food that is not spicy for them, tourists may already find spicy.
  4. Sri Lanka can probably be called the country of tea, it has countless tea plantations. The famous Ceylon teas are grown not only in the hills, but also in plains, and the aromas and colors of tea depend on the growth site. Locals spend every day in tea fields and collect tea leaves with their hands. Surely going back home from Sri Lanka you must bring some tea, they have a whole different taste than those sold in the shops.
  5. In Sri Lanka, you can find obtained rubies, sapphire, amethyst, tophats, “cat-eye”. If there is a desire for some jewelry, they can certainly be purchased there at lower prices than elsewhere.

Tuktuk taxi on road of Sri Lanka Ceylon travel car

Places That Are Definitely Worth Seeing


A stunning, picturesque valley surrounded by high mountains and included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. A city that will not leave anyone indifferent. The city has one of the largest Buddhist temples, Temple Of Tooth, which is definitely worth a visit while you are in town. A city where you can meet monkeys on the road. The inhabitants of the city have until nowadays carefully preserved many legends and traditions.


Perhaps the most visited destination in Sri Lanka – this is the location of the Lion Rock, with a hilltop fortress. Hill, which must surely be seen in Sri Lanka. The climb up the hill will not be one of the easiest, especially in sunny weather, yet when you step up, the sight from the top is worth seeing. Climbing up, you can see the monkeys who live there from time to time. This is also part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage.

Nuwara Eliya

A place where many go to enjoy the beautiful views through the train windows, they certainly won’t leave anyone indifferent. Likewise, the train ride itself,  at first may seem unsafe and crowded, but the emotions and views from the window will make you forget everything. Nuwara Elijah is surrounded by magnificent waterfalls and tea fields. The tea plantations in this area are known worldwide.

Wildlife in jungles


An elephant farm where you can meet elephants, unfortunately in captivity, but the conditions are as close as possible to the natural. It is also a place for the care of sick elephants. Many of those elephants go to the zoo around the world.

Dambulla Mountain Temple

Included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is the most popular Mountain Temple in Sri Lanka. In five caves, there are unique Buddha statues. Sri Lanka is generally very popular with its Buddhist temples and statues, many of which are definitely a must-see while in Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park

It is the most famous and most developed National Park in the country, and there is a jeep safari organized here. A great opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna very similar to Africa’s natural parks where you can observe many different wildlife and bird species. It is possible to meet elephants, crocodiles, peacocks, jackals and other species of animals and birds of various sizes. If you’re lucky, you’ll also meet leopards.

Travel to Sri Lanka to take positive energy and regain strength, it’s a place to forget about everyday things and just enjoy life. A place that everyone should see in life.