Useful Apps That You Definitely Need For Your Travels

Everything in our world is changing. Terms as digitalization and urbanization have had a direct impact on almost all business sectors, including travel. And not only on the part of the entrepreneur, but the traveler himself. Travelers now have more and more opportunities with the development of technology. Other times we say that the world is small, but every year new platforms and networks for travelers appear. Apps for travels are a great opportunity for tourists to discover more and more of the whole wide world.

Innovative, unusual methods of traveling are also gaining in popularity. Nowadays hotel accommodation has become a rarity and real travelers are trying to diversify their trip using one of the hospitality networks. Not staying in a hotel but with locals, for example, can be both more interesting and cost-effective. However, in order to be safe and pleasant, it is definitely necessary to research in advance what possibilities and options are there.


Every self-respecting traveler already knows this among the many apps for travels. Like, which is commonly used to book hotels, this network also offers a variety of accommodation bookings. This platform can be useful if you are a larger group of travelers, like family. Then it will be both more convenient and profitable to rent a whole house, rather than rooms in a hotel. However, this offer may be financially more advantageous if you only want to rent a room. It will be a little more expensive than in a hostel, but more pleasant and safer (if you study the reviews carefully). Expect that the offered prices will definitely be a little higher at the checkout because cleaning fees will be added! Often people also take the opportunity to accommodate someone in their home or rent their home directly through Airbnb.


If your travel budget is limited or you want a completely authentic experience, be sure to consider this accommodation option. In this network, you have the opportunity to stay overnight at a local home, in a bed, or even in a room. As these options are for free, it will not be something luxurious but good enough for spending the night. Take into account that safety should always be taken seriously, so carefully research where you want to stay. Look at feedback as well, and also share your travel plans with someone you trust.

Similar Alternatives To An Unusual Travel Experience

There are a number of networks that are similar to the above mentioned Couchsurfing services and are especially valuable for travelers with a limited budget, but unlimited desire to experience an unusual trip:

  • Be Welcome – The most popular Couchsurfing alternative, which is considered as the safest one
  • Trust roots – more suitable for stoppers and real adventurers
  • Moving Worldsbased on the volunteer work movement. Suitable for those travelers who do not mind working a little bit in exchange for accommodation.

Other Useful Platforms For Travelers


The sites described above are intended for finding and booking accommodation. But this site operates on a similar principle, only in relation to meals. A well-designed website will allow you to find thousands of dinner or lunch offers at a variety of prices. The best is that this app shows you the options from around the whole world. This is a great opportunity to enjoy locally prepared food and learn information that is not included in the travel booklets!


Especially a useful platform for travelers in larger countries if you want to make trips between cities. On this platform, you can find someone who is driving in the direction you need and share your travel expenses with them. This option may be cheaper than public transport, but remember about safety!


During the trip, there are several options for how and where to rent a car. You should conduct detailed, careful research to understand which type is the safest and most profitable. This is an alternative to the usual vehicle rental services – locals rent their cars for a short period of time, usually a few hours. The prices are very friendly and it is a great alternative if you need a car for a short time.

In the depths of the internet, you can find a lot of information about these and other hospitality or traveler-friendly networks. The best thing, of course, is to find out if any of the people you know have used one of the platforms for travelers you want to try. There are also thousands of reviews on the internet but familiar reviews will be much more reliable. Remember – when embarking on adventures, do not forget about your own and others’ safety and health! And of course, get some apps for travels on your phone!