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Virtual Travel School

Learn to travel with less stress and save more money. Find out the story behind the location you visit. Virtually experience hundreds of locations and choose to visit the best suited for your wants.

What's included in emails?

We continuously work to give you the best tips available to learn about travel. We look at a voyage as a trip to the world of knowledge. Some like reading books and imagining things, but some want to bring the experience to a different level and journey to new places to fill their imagination with new insights.

Receive 3D, 360, and other videos about your location. Look through live web cameras to get the look and feel of your desired location

Learn how to save money and with the same budget have longer and more experiences.

Learn to negotiate prices, find secret spots, speak with locals while at home, and then use these skills to get a better experience during a journey.

Get the best tools and templates to plan, execute, and experience the journey. Notepads are history – let’s jump to technology.

Find friends and online communities that will improve the understanding of other cultures.