Why Traveling Solo Is Cool?

Traveling solo doesn’t mean loneliness and being alone. It is a type of traveling that helps you to find yourself and not only. Traveling solo is cool! What makes it like that? Read on and find out!

Where is the magic of single travel and why it is so tempting to others? First of all, it gives you limitless freedom – you can go and do exactly what you like, by not making any compromises with other fellow travelers which often are far from your own wants. Secondly, you are out of your comfort zone and how else can a person learn to know itself and conquer inner fears unless it is out of its usual and safe place. Finally, solo traveling is so cool! Why so?

Traveling alone is an adventure that gives you freedom, time for yourself and new opportunities!

Klook’s Solo Travel Survey, conducted in 2019, surveyed 21 000 people around the world and found that 76% of all respondents had traveled alone or wanted to try this type of travel. Interestingly, women are the ones who want to try traveling alone – out of all solo travelers, 85% are women, and interest in such unconventional travel has increased by 7% compared to statistics in 2018.

5 benefits from traveling solo which proves how amazing and important it is!

Look into the solo traveling benefits down lower and get inspired for a new adventure!


  • Independence and opportunities 


Adventure alone is your chance for you to be yourself, to act on your own will, relying solely on yourself. It may seem scary, but try to see it as an opportunity to develop your personality, to listen to yourself and to understand what you like, what inspires and motivates you, so you can apply these same values in your daily life as you return from your journey.


  • Confidence


The first day on your trip by being alone is the hardest, isn’t it? Then, why not consider it as a one time opportunity to gain new values in your personality, like, confidence, for example?! Get up, straighten your spine, breathe in, breathe out and go! Even if your friends consider you to be one of the shyest people in the world when traveling, no one knows you and you can learn to shape yourself just as you want to see yourself: without prejudice, brave, knowledgeable and confident!


  • Self-discovering


Such an adventure gives you the opportunity to finally hear yourself! By relying on your intuition, existing skills and belief in yourself, you can do and learn so many things! Imagine traveling to Hungary to enjoy the vineyards, an integral part of its fabulous nature. Not only do you have the opportunity to taste their fruits and white wine collection, but also be a part of the winemaking process or vine harvesting. Sounds incredible? Because you may think ”I have never done it, how can I even do it and learn it”? You won’t believe us again, but you will learn! All you have to do is try, take risks and give in.


  • Friendship


By traveling solo, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get to know other people. Quite opposite! Making new friends opens you to the world. It gives you the opportunity to get to know country’s culture, its traditions and people in a completely different light, moreover, getting to know local people gives you the opportunity to go on dinner together, so you can enjoy the national cuisine of the country, to visit places that aren’t known for other tourists but are important for the locals, also, to get the chance to spend the night in their own home and be their guest.


  • Freedom


As we already mentioned, solo traveling is your freedom. You regulate your own time, budget, travel route and activities of your own interests. You don’t have to compromise with others if you don’t want to – this time, just for once, dare to do something important, self-improving for you, something that motivates you to get up in the morning and go on an adventure! 

Don’t be afraid and risk it! Traveling alone doesn’t mean loneliness, but the chance to discover yourself, improve your skills and give in to an adventure!

For inspiration look here and find your own solo adventure! Cool, right?